Housing Choices and Livable Communities


Housing Choices and Livable Communities featured Katherine Freund, founder of ITN America; Roberto Rey, Multicultural Outreach Director, Colorado Branch AARP; John Olson and Mark Tremmel, Collaborative Design Group; Dr. Paul Leon Ramsey, Executive Director of A Little Help; Kyle Fisk and Lori Rhodes from Challenger Homes; and Aimee Cox, Community Initiatives Manager, City of Colorado Springs.  82 persons attended the event.

Innovations in Aging Collaborative Presents the Remarkable Aging Series for 2014.These gatherings will address the major issues that are facing our community as Baby Boomers are aging and choosing to remain in our community and as new retirees move to Colorado Springs. The series will feature thought leaders in each topic area as keynote speakers and trainers sharing their expertise and knowledge of trends and emerging issues to address aging in our community. These dynamic topics address our community’s frail and elderly seniors as well as the healthy and vibrant retiree seeking engagement, recreation and culture and the confidence that this community will provide for them as they age.

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