Making a Difference through Encore Careers and Entrepreneurship


Making a Difference through Encore Careers and Entrepreneurship featured Elizabeth Isele, thought leader in “Senior Entrepreneurs: New Engines for a New Economy,”  founder of SavvySeniorsWork, and co-founder of Senior Entrepreneurship Works and eProvStudio; Stan Gryskiewicz:  founder of AMI; and panelists Nancy Seckman, Career Designs; Dave Csintyan, founder of See the Change USA; Bill Gates, founder of Life Wise Counseling; Barbara Raynor, Managing Director of Boomers Leading Change in Health; Randy Scott: founder and Managing Director of FRESC; Gina Solazzi: Fitness Adjunct for the Center for Creative Leadership; and Jo McGuire: Director of Compliance and Corporate Training, Conspire!  51 persons attended the event.

See the story on the Colorado Springs Business Journal

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