Remember to Vote on November 6


November 6 is Election Day

One of the focus areas or domains of livability in the Age Friendly Colorado Springs Plan is Civic Participation and Employment. Voting is an important way for people of all ages to participate in their local, state, and federal community and make their voices heard. Innovations in Aging Collaborative wants to ensure that older adults in Colorado Springs have a complete guide of what is on the ballot and how to vote.

How to register to vote

Colorado offers same day voter registration. If you forgot to register online (the last day to register online was October 29), you can go to your polling location and register in-person on election day.

Initiatives on the November 2018 Ballot

This year’s ballot has a large number of offices, amendments, and propositions to decide on. In order to see what is on the ballot before visiting a polling location, a sample ballot is available here. The American Sign Language interpreted ballot is also available.  Additionally, Colorado releases a Blue Book detailing each ballot initiative and the arguments for and against each initiative.  Another useful election guide is the interview hosted by AARP with the gubernatorial and treasurer candidates. AARP asked candidates for Colorado governor and treasurer how they would provide essential services for older adults, promote retirement savings, protect PERA, and create livable spaces so that seniors can remain in their communities as they age.

How to vote

Registered voters received a ballot in the mail at the end of October, and ballots can be dropped off at these locations or mailed in.  If you are dropping off or sending in your ballot remember to sign the envelop, so your vote can be counted.  If you are planning to vote at a polling location on November 6, here is a tool to find your nearest polling location.  All polling locations are required to meet ADA accessibility requirements, and the Independence Center location is offering a fully accessible polling place. One of these highly accessible features is that their voting machines can read ballots in audio format. If you are wondering how to get to the polls, Uber and Lyft are offering  discounted rides to the polls.

If you have any additional questions about voting visit the El Paso County Elections Department website or call 719-575-VOTE (8683).

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