Supporting the Colorado Springs Bike Master Plan


We fully support safe, accessible biking.

Innovations in Aging Collaborative (IIAC) is supportive of transportation options that allow everyone, regardless of age or ability, to get where they need and want to go. The Colorado Springs Bike Master Plan is a thoughtful, community-minded approach to making part of this vision a reality.

Transportation options that do not depend on car ownership allow for equitable access to goods and services (think the grocery store, doctor’s appointments, etc.) and decreases the risk of isolation for people without driver’s licenses or the means to own a car. It is a serious problem that seniors who do not have access to a car may choose to not exercise or participate in social activities, which are important parts of living a well-rounded life. Biking that is safe and accessible is a great alternative option! At IIAC we are particularly concerned about seniors and access to transportation, but in the process of designing biking facilities for part of the most vulnerable, risk-averse population, this master plan addresses all citizens’ biking infrastructure needs.

Let’s make it easier for people to live healthier, connected lives.

We believe that this plan has the long-term vision and short-term action plans to effectively produce changes that will increase health outcomes and social connectedness. With this plan, Colorado Springs has the chance to strongly affect how citizens interact with their environment and encourage healthier lifestyles that allow people to feel more connected to one another as well as their community.

Check out the Colorado Springs Bike Master Plan here.

How you can help

On April 10 the Colorado Spring City Council will be voting on whether or not to accept the Colorado Springs Bike Master Plan.

If you can, please attend the City Council meeting to show your support for biking accessible to all ages and abilities.

When: Tuesday, April 10th, 1:00 pm
Where: Council Chambers, 3rd floor City Hall.

If you cannot attend the City Council meeting in person on April 10th, you still can help by sending an email to your City Council representative in advance of April 10th requesting that they vote in favor of the Bike Master Plan. Here is a list of Colorado Springs City Council members with their email addresses.

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