What can I do to make Colorado Springs more Age Friendly?


Have you wondered how you can stay informed and get involved in local Age Friendly activities?

Innovations in Aging Collaborative recently compiled a list of activities that will help you learn more about the Age Friendly initiative, and the list offers suggestions on actions you can take to make Colorado Springs a great place to live, regardless of age.

  • Learn more about Livable Communities across the country at aarp.org/livable
  • Shift the “Us vs. Them” mindset to an understanding that we are all growing older
  • Support universal design in parks and homes
  • Volunteer with one of our Age Friendly non-profit partners (a list can be found here)
  • Support accessible and multi-modal transportation
  • Participate in Older Americans Month in May
  • Participate in Intergenerational Month in September by engaging with someone in a different stage of life than you

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