April, 2010 Convening


In April of 2010, Innovations in Aging Collaborative held its inaugural Summit. Nearly 150 individuals (Champions for Aging) from across the region participated and represented the arts, government, human services, health care, business, and recreation and tourism. The Summit’s goals were to start a conversation on how to make our community a remarkable place to age; to identify existing resources and assets; and to identify innovative ideas that would enhance the quality of life for older adults in the Pikes Peak Region.

Featured were two keynote speakers: Kathryn Lawler, manager of external affairs, Atlanta Regional Commission; and Stan Gryskiewicz, president, Association for Managers of Innovation (AMI). The presentations were followed by focused discussions on:

1) Lifelong Learning

2) Wellness and Recreation

3) Arts and Culture

4) Livable Communities

5) Economic Opportunities

6) Urban Planning and Transportation

IIAC embraced the following two goals after the Summit.

1) Support seniors in being active and mainstreamed.

2) Keep the focus on how and where seniors live.

Two strategies were recommended to accomplish these goals:

1) Maximize new technologies to collect, organize, and disseminate information.

2) Organize resources through private partnerships, public policy, and citizen efforts.

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